It’s the little things…

Finished up Wizard World Austin with a bang yesterday.  Jason Momoa stopped by the booth twice, and Michael Rooker left with a copy of my book, Sleepers.  Sales are good, but connections are better. Enjoy the pics!  Notice the three authors definitely not drinking in the bar...


Let It Flow: Writing Without Editing — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

Last week in my workshop on self-editing at Mid-American Review’s Winter Wheat Festival of Writing, writer Terry Korth Fischer asked a great question: How do you stop editing as you write? I was a little confused by this question, because that’s normally not my problem. (My problem is Ass In Chair.) But everyone else in […]…Read more Let It Flow: Writing Without Editing — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog



Have you missed me? Trick question; I know you’ve missed me. Frankly, the main reason I haven’t been writing is laziness. I make no bones about it. The second reason is that I got hit by a car in April and broke four bones in my hand, and the third is that I had a very outdoorsy summer (after my hand healed), and the fourth is that I have a girlfriend to occupy my free time now, and the fifth is that the world has gone insane.

I mean, what am I even supposed to write about? What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to point to one stupid thing to focus on — like the fact that Solar Roadways’ website suddenly doesn’t work because haha fuck them — when the real-life things that are happening are so much stupider? The world is an Onion headline and…

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7 Common Cover Design Mistakes

Tugboat Design Blog

Inexperienced designers, or authors who attempt to make their own covers, tend to make these same common mistakes which make it look like an amateur design.

Trying to match all of the details perfectly

For the most part, cover designers are working with stock photography, unless you happen to find a designer who can do custom photo shoots for you. Therefore, the designer can only use what already exists. If you want a particular item/person/animal on your cover, there may be times you have to compromise the exact details in order to create an effective cover. For example if you’re putting a dog on your cover, yes you’ll want to use the same breed the dog is, but the dog might not have the same markings as what’s described in the book. Most readers aren’t going to care enough to look back at the cover to see if the dog…

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Of Paul Manafort and Rich Gates. Those of you who had them first in the indictment pool, come claim your prizes. I’m not a legal expert and I don’t know anything else about these but what I read in the news, but I do expect two things: 1. These are just the beginning; 2. If… via…Read more ZOMG DUDES INDICTMENTS — Whatever