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“As an avid reader of thrillers and science fiction, I can easily say that The Stone of Tantalus by Clancy Weeks rates up there with some of my all time favourites. It is a heart-wrenching and cerebral journey through time, dimensions, and the human psyche that left me satisfied and breathless. The action is effectively subtle, the idea is complex, and the characters are real and raw. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and recommend it to die-hard and fledgling science fiction fans alike.”  —Jae Mazer, author of Delivery

The Stone of TantalusThe Dead Zone meets The Talisman!
Jason Callahan wants to go home, and he would if he knew where it was. For years his world has changed around him again and again without warning, leaving him with new jobs, new friends, and new enemies. One of a few travelers, Jason is able to slip between the many universes that make up his life, moving sideways from one reality to another. He just can’t control it. Even worse, another traveler is trying to kill him, and his only assets are his wits, an uncle the family thinks is crazy, and a cryptic alternate version of himself. While many might lose their grip on reality, and others would simply give up, Jason hopes the next jump will take him home to the life and love he left behind. When the universe calls, however, sometimes you just have to make a stand.

This is my first completed novel, and it is still in search of an agent and/or publisher.  Read the first three chapters, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked!


Sleepers by Clancy Weeks is a dark and moving fiction novel, published a chapter at a time on the serialized fiction site, channillo.com. It is a mystery/thriller, with elements of science fiction hiding just beneath the surface. The combination of action, suspense, and mystery keeps me on the edge of my seat. The story is intertwined with real life events, making it an intelligent and relevant read. I really enjoy some of the more clever elements, such as what seems to be a high-tech, futuristic version of Conan Doyle’s ‘mind palace’. Tension, twists, powerful and relatable characters, and Weeks’ eloquent writing keeps me craving more of this quietly explosive story.” —Jae Mazer, author of Pal Tailor

“The concept of serialized fiction is closely watched by publishers and authors alike, and stories like Sleepers by Clancy Weeks makes it that much more appealing. The caliber of writing demonstrated by Weeks suggests that we can expect high quality literature from what could be an unpredictable medium. Sleepers is well written, suspenseful, and engaging. It is difficult if not impossible to distinguish this work from that of a seasoned author, and I find myself excited about upcoming installments. This is a read definitely worth your time.” —Sarah L., Senior Editor, Berkshire Press Inc.



What if today’s most horrific headlines were all connected?

Jack Montgomery is a freelance investigator for the CDC’s Global Health Center, and soon stumbles upon a medical mystery that threatens to change everything he thought he knew about the world–and might change everything he thought he knew about himself.  As the pieces of a world-wide conspiracy fall into place, Jack awakens a sleeping giant that could crush him without a thought.  One that has now turned its attention to him.

The machineries of government grind slowly, and one man with nothing left to lose just might have a chance.  A chance to free the sleepers.

This serial novel is available only on Channillo.com.  Join today to give it a read!  Here’s a free taste…



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