A Word About OK BOOMER

Hey, I get it.  Every generation wants to make their mark, each believing they have no power of their own other than what comes with a movement.  I get each wants to change the world; make it into their ideal vision of what it should be.  And each generation believes those that came before are in their way—or worse, the cause of all the problems.

civil rights.pngHere’s the problem Gen-Z… you’re not alone, you’re not powerless, and you’re not the solution.  No one generation is; each must lean on the others for support and energy.  You are not the first to protest life’s injustices, nor are you the final arbiter of what is good and right.  Hell, you’re not even original.vietnam

Every generation has their own way of marginalizing the views of “the other”—there was the utterly annoying “whatever”, and before that, “talk to the hand”, and now “OK BOOMER”.  Each has one thing in common:  they tell the listener “your opinions don’t matter, so I’ve stopped listening.”  They also say, “I have nothing of value to bring to the discussion.”king

Once upon a time, Baby Boomers were the counterculture; we fought against injustice, oppression, and inequality.  We also grew up, learning along the way that being on the outside only gets you so far.  You’ll learn this too, very soon.  If you really want to change things, tearing it down is not going to get it done.  Every society that has gone that route either collapsed or devolved into authoritarianism.  Some are still trying to dig their way out.kent state

I have always believed in, and welcomed each new generation and their energy.  Millennials weren’t narcicistic, Gen-X wasn’t lazy.  As a teacher for over 25 years, I’ve seen several new generations rise, and each one held promise for our future.  Each one was filled with people who believed in making the world a better place.  And each one had their populations of bad actors and reactionaries.  You take the good with the bad.

woodstockDon’t dismiss Boomers with words meant to single them out.  I could do the same with some cutesy way to negate Gen-Z.  Both are counter-productive and mean-spirited.  Instead, join those from every generation who share your ideals and goals; only then will any of us have a chance to make a difference.

Oh, BTW, don’t forget to VOTE!

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