On getting fan mail from trolls

The Cat's Write

And yes I’m going to call it fan mail, because I’m gonna turn them trolls on their heads, and that’s alright with me. 

OK, I wouldn’t necessarily call them trolls, but people who have nothing better to do in their lives but waste 10 minutes typing a poorly worded message (and for heavens sake it’s ‘their’ not there’) that only ever ends up in the spam folder. And I never block them, because every time they visit my page or watch one of my videos, my stats go up. How cool is that?

Everyone else on WordPress is so unfailingly nice, and have only ever cheered me on while I’ve been floundering around, learning the ropes, and annoying you all with cat gifs while I try to figure the hell out of this blogging thing. While I didn’t expect to come across any trolls here (naive perhaps?) at least…

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