Chapter 7 of The Stone of Tantalus is live!

Chapter 7 is live.  Go to to read it.

Here’s the first scene:

Miles’ dream began the same each night.  Falling into the depths, a stomach-churning drop into an abyss with neither beginning nor end.  The surrounding darkness was near total, the thin line to which he fell a black beyond black—an absence of not only light, but reality itself.  No wind rushed upward to greet him, yet he knew he fell.  Nothing to see, but his eyes were open.  No sounds, no odors.  It was as if his senses—though still functioning—received no input.  There was no sensation to tell him he approached the line in any appreciable way, no manner in which to judge his speed, but he knew with conviction he would pass through that Stygian darkness soon enough.

Something’s changed.

He should have awakened by now; he always had by this point in the dream.  Covered in sweat he would rise from his bed and reach with shaking hands for the bottle of scotch he always kept on the nightstand.  Not this time though.  Worse than the dreams he had of his father, this one was working to a conclusion—a resolution that always eluded him before—and the thought oddly comforted him.  For more nights than he could count, he fell toward that inky blackness without ever passing through, but tonight would be different.  Tonight Miles would find what waited for him on the other side.

The thought filled him with dread, even as it exhilarated him.  He opened his mouth to scream just as the line of black reached for him.


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