Chapter 26 of Sleepers is live!

Chapter 26 of Sleepers is up now at  Go take a look!

Here’s the first scene to get you started…

“Turn here,” Bill said, peering through the windshield and pointing to the street on their left.  “This road should dead-end ten miles ahead.  Take a right at the stop sign.”

“How much farther?” Sohrab asked, spinning the wheel to take the first left.  This is taking too long, he thought.  Jack is most likely dead by now.  Try as he might, he couldn’t shake the dread that invaded his mind after they found Bill.  No one, other than himself—and possibly Rutger—knew what they were doing.  Even Bill’s training was worthless when dealing with what was, essentially, a terrorist operation.  I’ve had experience enough for all of us, he thought bitterly.  Much of that on the wrong side, in his opinion.  Marriage had changed more than his IRS filing status, and having children only made that change more pronounced.

I miss my family.  Followed soon by Will I see them again?

“Fifteen or twenty minutes,” Bill said.  “No traffic to speak of this time of night, so there shouldn’t be anything to slow us down between here and there.”

The road was straight, with few crossroads, so Sohrab pressed harder on the accelerator.  Lights high atop poles flashed by, each cone of illumination a lonely oasis in a sea of black.  Without thinking about it, Sohrab began to count each as they passed.  The lamps were a slow drip of liquid time—pitch from a funnel—suspended moments full of potential, passing from light to dark and back again.

“I would feel better if we had a gun,” Bill said, his voice tight.

“It is probably best we do not,” Rutger said.  “From what we know, the Shadowman could take control of you at any time.”  He turned to look back at the two broken souls.  “Maybe any of us.”

Bill’s mouth drew into a thin line, and he tilted his head.  Amber said nothing, sniffing once in derision.  You will not absolve them so easily, Sohrab thought, his own face a mask of determination.  Regardless, they do not seek absolution for their actions.

It was clear to him.  What they wanted, was revenge.


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