I am well and truly boned…

So, this morning I read the latest The Big Idea, over at Scalzi’s blog, and realized this described my latest book, Sleepers.  Personally, I am not fond of writing a series of novels, though I am not opposed to reading them.  The idea of keeping track of so many characters over such a long story arc feels a tad tedious to me.  The problem is that Jack is halfway through this adventure and still doesn’t know, or has even considered, there are players pulling the strings of the man he thinks he is chasing.

As a novel being posted by chapter on Channillo.com, I don’t have the option of going back and adding details that would both lengthen the work and save me from having to write two more books to satisfactorily finish this tale.  A story, by the way, that started with a single one-line premise:  What if random headlines were somehow connected in a greater conspiracy?

Maybe I’ll find a way around this, but a big part of me doubts it.  More likely is the chance that you will find a second and third part on the bookshelves near the first in a few years.



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