Chapter 10 of Sleepers is Live!

Chapter 10 is up at Channillo!  Here is a taste:


You have been careless.

The Others would brook no argument in this matter, though they were as much at fault as he.  Kept awake the entire trip to Washington, the Others punished him for his plodding response after his most recent failure to confront Dieter.  The things they forced him to do before he left were… worse.

You will deviate from your current path to focus on Dr. Braun.

“But the evidence—”

Is already in the possession of Dr. Hill and Mr. Montgomery.  We will deal with them ourselves.

Ever since the Others told him about Montgomery, Thirteen had argued the man could be useful.  Montgomery was being directed by Dieter in his quest—that much was obvious—and Thirteen knew Jack’s efforts would bring Dieter into the open where he could be dealt with permanently.  The Others disagreed.  Focus on the task you are given, they had said, and eliminate them if they interfere.

A charter plane has been secured.  You may eat before you board the flight back to Atlanta.

“Dieter is there?”  He knew the question was pointless.  If they were sending him to Atlanta, then surely Dieter was there, but there was no reason for it.  Montgomery was in DC, so why was Dieter in Atlanta?

There is another task you must perform there as well.

He was so very tired, but the tasks were never-ending.  I will sleep someday, he thought.  Someday the final task will be complete, and then… then I will sleep.


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