Saved by Microsoft Complete…

Yep… It finally happened.  Yesterday I was minding my own business, when, CLATTER!, my Surface Pro 3 fell on the floor and cracked the screen.  Such a small thing, really, but that hairline crack bunged up the touch display something fierce.  Phantom fingers opening and closing windows willy nilly, and occasionally deleting text just for fun.

A few minutes on the phone with the local Microsoft Store, and they tell me, “Sure, we’ve got a replacement in stock, and the deductible is only $50.”  Deal!, I say, and run over there.  In less than an hour… shiny new Surface Pro 3, and I still have one “incident” left to use on the plan.

Of course, no story is complete without a bit of pathos.  I’ve spent almost the entire day reinstalling software, and generally getting things back to normal.  A lot easier since I keep almost everything on OneDrive, though.

Pro-tip: When Microsoft offers the replacement plan… take it.


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