The nine stages of writer’s block – with cats

The Cat's Write

Some people say writer’s block doesn’t exist. That it’s just epic procrastination and laziness tied up in a pretty package. But it does exist. Oh. Hell. Yes. It. does. Sometimes it can last from a few hours to a few years (true story!) but the journey is still the same…

It all starts with one tiny seeminglyterrifyinghurdle


And then it begins…


Plot hole aside, you’re just having a sluggish day. You’ll get back onto it tomorrow


But suddenly it’s been 48 hours and no amount of motivation is working

canteven cat.jpg

And you can’t even look at your laptop #1monthlater


Eventually you don’t understand the meaning of life


And you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror


And realise, hang on writing is a cinch, what was I thinking back in 2006?!


You’reamazing. Seriously amazing. You’ll never have writers block again. For sure


These gifs are not my own…

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