Speaking In Dudebromides

First Draft

This was the week that Dudebro Nation ramped up its effort to alienate everyone who disagrees with them. I’ve been measured in my criticism of Team Sanders because I prefer a unified Democratic party, and it’s such a pain in the ass to criticize them at all. The whining is cacophonous. The worst of the Sanders supporters speak in cliches, talking points, and bromides. Hence the post title. Btw, the term Dudebromides was coined by Dr. A.

Let’s see, this week I’ve been called condescending because I actually know something about politics and history. I’ve been called a neo-liberal dupe because I don’t think some of the junior Senator from Vermont’s proposals are realistic, and I must be a dupe because I feel heartburn, not the bern, when dealing with Dudebros. I’ve been called a corporate shill as well. That’s my favorite, a shill is someone who’s paid to advocate for…

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