Movies About Women Enrage Men Which Has NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDERS!

First Draft

My friend Keith is super-smart: 

Remakes already have a high bar to clear. A remake of a movie like Ghostbusters has a higher than usual bar. But all this extraneous sexist nonsense means it has to be undeniably as funny as one of the most beloved comedies ever made. Or else. And the “or else” here is serious business. Specifically, it means it will be even harder for women to anchor tentpole movies or head comedies (never mind that McCarthy has proven she can open a movie over and over). It’s already an environment in which CBS reportedly declined to pick up a Nancy Drew series because it “skewed too female.” Where the concerns of a toy companychanged the sex of a Marvel villain. And on and on. It’s an impossible situation.

Again: How did it come to this? Maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe we should consider…

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