Her latest game was to eyeball the approach and launch from the mass as it spun toward the station, and see how little fuel she could use to make it to the lock without help from the on-board computer.  Radar pings showed the area was clean of slugs and other wranglers, so she unlocked her boots and fired a single one-second burst from her thruster.

Most trainees washed out the first time they flew without a tether.  Some never got used to it, but Laura reveled in the freedom, flying like the superheros from the old holos, free from gravity’s jealous pull.  It was an illusion, she knew, as the sun’s mass held her even as she stretched the bond between the asteroid’s mass and her own.  Somewhere between her launch point and the station her mass shifted allegiance, and the gravity of the station pulled her into its embrace.

But the sun ruled all.


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